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Where Did This Come From?

So I am organizing my office this morning for what has become about a weekly ritual, and as I put things away or throw things away, I can’t help but reflect on the randomness that this job has sometimes (really most of the time). Perhaps the best evidence of the randomness of this job is the junk that accumulates here. Here are some of the things in my office:

  • I have amassed quite a bug spray collection. Our annual high school camping trip and our fall retreat have given me the resources to repel bugs for the next three years.
  • One time I used a bunch of plastic Army men for an object lesson. After a few “visits” from some students, these guys can be found hidden throughout my office.
  • For whatever reason, I cannot seem to throw away the youth curriculum kit from 1981 that sits under my desk. Maybe because it is a good reminder that while stuff might be cool now, in thirty years people will ask why it even existed in the first place.
  • In case a bonfire just breaks out, I also have all of ingredients to make smores. I will say that the Hershey’s bars have been diminishing over the past few weeks.
  • I have a record album entitled Jesus Sound Explosion from the 70’s. I do not, however, have a record player so I have no idea what it sounds like, but with a name like that, it was impossible to pass it up at the thrift store.
  • I have a guitar in my office that I bought a while ago. I cannot play guitar or even tell you the names of the strings, but I used it for a prop for a sermon a few months ago and decided that it would be very youth ministerish to have a guitar in my office.
  • I recently found a box of CD’s which at first seemed like a great find, but then I realized that these CDs were all from 1998. The upside is that one of the CDs is from a band called Phat Chance who was obviously a Christian version of N’SYNC. It’s a classic.

What’s great about having a random collection of things is that it reminds me that this job is often a really random collection of roles. It is also a job that has given me so many great memories. It makes you really appreciate what God has done and helps me anticipate what He will do in the future.

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