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Pitfalls of Ministry: Pride

Here’s a mystery: Why do people called to serve others by sacrificially relying on the power of God get so puffed up?  One might think that a person who is called to ministry would be characterized by humility and grace, but it seems that there is a real danger for ministers when it comes to pride.  The temptation for pride can be found in any job where you lead people, particularly when you are out in front.

So how can you protect yourself from this pitfall?  First, remember that you are completely dependent upon God.  If you can consider the fact that anything you do is solely enabled by God and not feel humbled by this, then you have a problem.  Second, stop worrying about whether your shirt is cool enough or if anything you do is cool enough.  I have seen so much posturing at conferences and minister gatherings that you would think it was a group of competing rock stars not a group of ministers who have each been called to proclaim the Gospel.  Other ministers or churches are not your enemy nor are they your competition.  Trust me, when it comes to discipling people, you already have enough competition.  You don’t need more.

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