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Do Your Thing, Really Well

Over the past couple of months I have spoken with several student ministers who are annoyed with their church or with certain programs within their church.  This kind of annoyance can be incredibly demoralizing and frustrating.  My response to them is to remind them that their responsibility is to make their ministry work, not the whole church.

Now, I get that all of the ministries in a church are connected and impact one another.  However, it comes down to a choice between being paralyzed in frustration or being a bright spot in a struggling church.  It turns out that Amy in your middle school ministry does not deserve to be ignored because you don’t like the music that is played on Sunday mornings.

You were hired to do a job, so make it happen.  Make it awesome.  Pour into it.  Simply because your church is struggling or your staff can’t get along doesn’t mean that your task is any different.  Find life and energy in ministering to those whom you were called to minister to rather than finding angst and pain in an under-performing preschool ministry.

If you want influence in the organization, then add value to the organization.  As people see that you have the church’s best interest at heart, then perhaps you will have a voice on making things better.  But you may never have that voice.  You may never see anything change in worship or in children’s ministry, but I’m not sure why that needs to affect how well you are discipling the students in your ministry.

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