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About The Journey

Working as a minister truly is a calling, not simply a job. How does this call work? Here is how it doesn’t work, God does not simply call us to enter a career field. It is not about that first step, it’s all about the thousands of steps that follow. What really happens is that God calls us to go on a journey with Him. God calls us to enter the unknown, dive into people’s lives, and change the world. The journey is not easy nor is there ever really an end in sight. It is a honor and a privilege, and it comes with huge responsibility.

When God calls us to go on this journey, He promises to always walk with us, but He provides others to walk alongside us as well. My hope is that I can become one of those people that walks alongside you in your ministry. Through this blog I hope that you will find encouragement, inspiration, and understanding. God bless you in ministry. May you have the courage to take the journey you have been called to.

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